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How to pick a ring for you Big Day

One of the biggest memoir of your commitment/love you have along with you is definitely the ring in your finger that your beloved did slide on your finger on your big day. To pick that one perfect ring you shall have hanged your head perhaps a few hundred times right from the moment you have surrendered your heart to each other. Getting to that on a little easier note here are a few tips and tricks you that might help you to pick your perfect piece deftly:

  • Keep in mind you skin tones while you pick your ring. Yellow gold/Copper tone ring best suits people having warm skin tone, cool skin tones outshine the same in rose gold,platinum and silver. Rose gold though works well on extreme ends of both warm and cool skin tones.
  •  Get the ring that's perfect for the woman, not the ring whose price tag aligns with an haphazard algorithm. You might have figured out the budget you want to invest to get your rings but for that you necessarily don't have to compromise on your choice of design. We live in era of choices and possibilities where every expensive choice have replicas.
  •  Keep the gemstones in you head too. For cool skin tones, bright and lively colors look best, such as blues, purples and greens. Some ideal stones include topaz, blue sapphire, turquoise, tanzanite, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline and opal. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can mix and match metals and gemstones as you wish, experimenting with what suits your fancy. White gemstones such as white topaz, diamonds, moissanite and white sapphire and black gemstones such as black onyx, black diamonds, black spinel and black moissanite are ideal for any skin tone. For warm skin tones, gemstones containing earthy colors are ideal and will really complement your appearance. Some gemstones that will suit warm tones are citrine,agate, peridot, rubies, garnets and morganite.
  • Keep the kind of setting in mind that you look up to. If if your not happy with the available choices its always pleasing on your own self to get a customized ring with the ideas you have within. Talk to your jeweler on what is that you are looking your ring to look like. 
  • Don't be afraid to keep trend at a distance while you pick your ring, it's a lifetime piece that you shall adorn not a wedding gown that's going to rest into your closet for the rest of life and just be on you once.
  • If you are opting a ring with stone make it clear to know the whereabouts of the stone.
  • Lifestyle, choices, size, budget and protection (insurance) can be some practical aspects you shall want to consider.

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